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General biography:

Joachim Son is a radiologist, specialist in cognitive psychology, especially the topic of self-awareness, doctor of medicine at the University of Lausanne and sciences of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and holds a master’s degree in cognitive science from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris. He is the author of a master thesis on reading and subliminal perception and a doctoral thesis on the multi-sensory mechanisms of self-awareness. He is the author of a series of 2 studies published in 2018 and 2019 in the prestigious journal Investigative Radiology on the kinetics of accumulation and intracerebral retention of gadolinium used for MRI and still practices neuradiology and radiology. urgency in telemedicine.

He is currently a lawmaker, member of the French National Assembly since June 2017, elected by the French expats from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. He is specialized in the fields of parliamentary diplomacy (North Korea, Kosovo, Levant, Middle East, Nigeria) defense issues (small arms industry, drones, special forces) and the protection of marine and ocean biodiversity. In this latter area, he is the co-author of a comprehensive parliamentary report.

President of the club and think tank Global Variations (GV) in Switzerland, he brings together influential decision-makers, influencers, engineers and scientists from around the world chosen on the basis of draconian selection criteria. Within GV, he develops the 1FLUX methodology (« influx ») based on an integration of knowledge in cognitive science, martial art, combat and long range shooting, social networks, and political strategies. It integrates an applied knowledge of the perceptive and logical biases of the human being to generate methods of personal social strategy.

A karate, kung fu and Tai Ji Quan practitioner, he was a student of Master Henry Plée for Japanese Art and Yang Jwing Ming for Chinese Art. He followed the oral teachings of Master Henry Plée in a group of students chosen after having maintained a correspondence with him since his childhood. He currently practices dynamic combat fire at the Academy Dynamic Evolution Shooting Academy in Geneva and uses Arsenal Firearms brand products, and long-range heavy-caliber shooting for which he uses B&T brand’s products, as competitor and as instructor of the academy for this last discipline.


Musical biography

Joachim Son is a French harpsichordist from Seoul, South Korea, who lives in Geneva. Practicing the piano since the age of 5, he recorded an album at age 16 with his teacher, Daniel Folton, where he performed pieces by Frédéric Chopin. He enjoyed, shortly after beginning his conversion to the harpsichord, a few years ago, the teaching and encouragement of Olivier Baumont and the trust of the harpsichord maker Reinhard Von Nagel, one of the pioneers of the rediscovery of ancient instruments , who conceives for him the instrument according to Kroll on which he works today. It also receives the teaching of Jean Rondeau via a masterclass in Chambéry in 2016. Its repertoire focuses on French and German music of the 17 th and 18 th century, and especially on the composer Johann Jakob Froberger, and was the occasion of solo recitals in France, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

His first show, in duet with actor and dancer Erwan Ha Kyoon Larcher, was created on January 16, 2016 in Geneva with the support of the city of Geneva. He staged Joachim and Erwan around a tortured reflection on the double and the paradoxes of existence, with the harpsichord music of Couperin, Rameau and Froberger, and the texts written and directed by Joachim Son. In 2017, he gave a series of two recitals for Syria in Paris at the von Nagel workshop and in Geneva at Victoria Hall, particularly noted by the Swiss and French press. In 2018, he plays sold out for the 25th anniversary of the Al-Bustan Festival in the prestigious setting of the Pine residence in Beirut, focusing on the relations between Bach and his predecessors and his French contemporaries.